Brian Watt


Original Works

Across a Sea of Silver


0% (planning)

Reinier Kazzak witnessed a brutal murder. His reflection was killed. For years he didn’t have one anymore. His reflection had vanished, nowhere to be seen. But now things have gotten even weirder. He’s stepped through the mirror to meet an alternate version of himself. The one who murdered his reflection. What will he learn as he explores mirrors of reality?

Armor 10


3% (first draft)

Armor 10, a heavily armored colony ship is under way when things go wrong again. With the crew dead and a small group of colonists helming it, they must fix the ship, deal with the threat, and reach its destination stat system or mankind may be doomed on their dying world. As systems fail and electricity arcs through the ship, can they save what’s left of humanity from an unknown threat? Will Armor save us all?



100% (second draft)

A decade ago the lights went out for the last time. Everywhere around the world saw it happen at once. Cities burned, people died. Then-eight-year-old Layne Jordan was on holiday in Tanzania at the time with his father, a man who didn’t survive the night. Now Layne is trying to find his way home, to learn the fate of his mother and the home he had left behind. He will journey across the fractured nations that had once been united and discover that home isn’t what he thought.

The Blade of Time


55% (first draft)

Johnathan was happy. He had an amazing life in his wonderful little village, with a perfect girl waiting for him back home. Only, when he returned he found his entire village Preserved in time. Dying as dog-sized locusts swarmed his village. Unable to save them, he makes the choice to join forces with a Berserker woman, a Lifegiver who dabbles in the dead, and a powerful warrior to search all of time for the creature responsible and put and end to them. Even with The Blade of Time on their side, can they stop the swarm before it devours the world?

The Grace of a Warm Sunrise


20% (first draft)

Kamde’s village is a peaceful one, hunting and gathering is a way of life, and when you’re the only real apex species on land, life is good. That’s upended when a new species of warm-bloods shows up and causes havoc. Kamde and a small group must find out where these beasts came from and find out if there will be more chaos to come. The journey of two Earths awaits the Bikaat as he travels to a war-torn alternate reality where mammals became the dominant species. Home has never looked better.

The Speed of Ink in Hand


100% (first draft)

Following the events at the very beginning of The Grace of a Warm Sunrise, Ishjan sends information about an impossible creature to her fellow Watchers. Follow a series of runners and watchers across the continent as they carry their burden across the world.



Brian Watt and Jennifer Clifford


17% (first draft)

Howsen and Nyxia had little in common to begin with. He was at his first job in the pharmacy, handing out the drugs that helped so many people go about their daily lives. Flamespark for welders, Earthspark for landscapers, Technospark for data analysts, and many other varieties of magics. The murders brought them together, with illegal streetspark at the center of it all. The authorities don't care, but someone has to. Can these mismatched Pelagians find justice for those who lost their lives?